Love, Sweat, Passion

Copyright, The Daves

These lyrics were sent in by DavesFan Ken Junkins, who wrote:
It is my understanding that this song was born out of a "Song Challenge". The topic?? Of course it was Bekka and Ronnies favorite comic book hero Daredevil.

He see's with his fingers,
He hears with his ears,  (later changed to "He hears with more than ears')
He can listen to your heart beat and feel your fears.

He knows what it is to be lonely,
Secrets can keep you lonely.
He's a man without fear,
But how can that help you,
When you're tryin' to hang on to your,

Your Sweat,
And your Passion?
Hang on to your love,
Your Sweat,
And your Passion.

Way uptown in an office,
So beautiful, so nice,
Sits a fat man jiggling ice.

He knows what it is to be lonely,
Success can make you lonely.
He sucks on a cigar,
Like he's tryin to suck out,
Every last bit of your,

Your  Sweat,
And your Passion.
He wants your Love,
Your Sweat,
And Passion.

In the big bed lies a beauty,
The Kingpin's only booty.
Her body might be sleeping but her mind is wandering.

Through the streets of insanity,
Tryin' to touch her humanity,
Tryin to hang on to one last drop,
One last bit of what's left, of her,

Her  Sweat,
And her Passion.
Her Love,
Her Sweat,
And Passion.

I may not be a hero,
I may not even equal zero,
In the long thin line of eternity,
Stretching out before me.

I may be a little bitty speck of dust,
In the vast universe surrounding us,
But I hold a piece of it all,
Inside of me.

This body holds my soul.
Inside here I'm a hero.
Everything else is on the outside,
Trying to get in,
Trying to get a piece of my,

My  Sweat,
And my Passion.
Hang on to your love,
Your Sweat,
And your Passion.